Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celestial Cindrella

Her music is a gift from God. She is a delightful edition to Celtic Women.Her gracefulness on stage is a sight to see. Her passion for singing to all of us is something I greatly admire. She gives everything in all of her performances. I hope one day to meet this delightful and beautiful woman and tell how wonderful and graceful she is.Lynn is a joy to behold and to hear! Her beauty and charm are remarkable! The greatest statement of her appeal to Celtic Woman fans is, in fact evident in things unsaid: the howls and protests which one would normally expect with the departure and replacement of our much-beloved Meav never materialized--not because we did not miss Meav, but because of what we saw in Lynn Hilary.Her voice is so bright and pure that you can't help it but just smile.Whenever she sings, it looks like she's so calm, and not trying to totally sing her heart out. Her voice just does that for her. And her voice has the natural ability to connect with whoever is listening, just like Chloe's. I think that she is, besides Mairead, the best Celtic Woman.Her soft nature is reflected in every line of her music.I hope she stays with celtic women forever.