Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lost In Your dreams

She has an amazing voice with a talent that wont quit there are no words to describe her beautiful tone.She's an angel sent from Heaven to soothe the imperfect world in which we live.Her exquisite voice,her obvious personal connection with the audience, her sweet Beauty and Grace are truly rare gifts.Without a doubt, Lisa is a world class vocalist. Her beauty is perfection personified. A voice and face of an angel...eyes that I am sure any man in her life could get lost in.....and yet, trust
me...she can be very mischievous! But you can't help but love....Lisa Kelly!!I hope that when I get to heaven I will be hearing an angel sing as she does.Everything what she sings touches my heart.She is the one who can make me feel better when I'm in a bad mood.If you wanna see an angel sing don't wait till you reach heaven cause she's here with all of us.