Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celtic Women-Sky And The Dawn

High is the moon tonightHiding its guiding lightHigh
Heaven and earth do sleepStill in the dark so deepI will the darkness sweep
I will the moon to flightI will the heavens brightI will the earth delight
Open your eyes with meSee paradise with meAwake and arise with me
I am the dawn, I'm the new day begunI bring you the morning, I bring you the sunI hold back the night and I open the skiesI give light to the world, I give sight to your eyes
From the first of all time, until time is undoneForever and ever and ever and everAnd I am the dawn and the sky and the sunI am one with the One, and I am the dawn
I am the sky and the dawn and the sunI am the sky and the new day begunI am the sky and the dawn and the sun

Lisa Kelly-May It Be

May it be an evening star Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely roadOh! How far you are from home
Mornië utúlië ([Quenya:] Darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornië alantië ([Quenya:] Darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now May it be the shadow's call Will fly away
May it be your journey on To light the day When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun
Mornië utúlië ([Quenya:] Darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornië alantië ([Quenya:] Darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you nowA promise lives within you now

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fiddling Beauty

At the budding age of not more than ten this musical mermaid began playing piano and violin 
which is definitely a rare gift from the god's chest "Age is not the reckoning factor for people of high calibre"  this explains every bit of her successful career.Under Emanuel Hurwitz she completed her musical studies.She released her solo album "RAINING UP" in 2001.The album featured a number of guest performers and members of Nesbitt's own family.  
Her Celtic journey began in the year 2004 at the Helix Theater in Dublin.  
Proud to say that she is the only Celtic Violin soloist on the beautiful and inspired score composed by Joel McNeely for the new Disney Pictures movie Tinker Bell - The Lost Treasure.  
Once again she got delighted it doesn't end there Lisa Kelly is the main vocal soloist on the title song of the movie"If You Believe" will you not be gay if your best friend is featured as the main vocalist for a title song in a movie we all will.Her heavenly beauty is reflected in every song she had done before and after entering Celtic women. She's beautifully talented in all faces. Unfortunately gods aren't blessed enough to witness her music but we are Fortunate 
Aren't we..................... 

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lost In Your dreams

She has an amazing voice with a talent that wont quit there are no words to describe her beautiful tone.She's an angel sent from Heaven to soothe the imperfect world in which we live.Her exquisite voice,her obvious personal connection with the audience, her sweet Beauty and Grace are truly rare gifts.Without a doubt, Lisa is a world class vocalist. Her beauty is perfection personified. A voice and face of an angel...eyes that I am sure any man in her life could get lost in.....and yet, trust
me...she can be very mischievous! But you can't help but love....Lisa Kelly!!I hope that when I get to heaven I will be hearing an angel sing as she does.Everything what she sings touches my heart.She is the one who can make me feel better when I'm in a bad mood.If you wanna see an angel sing don't wait till you reach heaven cause she's here with all of us.

Celestial Cindrella

Her music is a gift from God. She is a delightful edition to Celtic Women.Her gracefulness on stage is a sight to see. Her passion for singing to all of us is something I greatly admire. She gives everything in all of her performances. I hope one day to meet this delightful and beautiful woman and tell how wonderful and graceful she is.Lynn is a joy to behold and to hear! Her beauty and charm are remarkable! The greatest statement of her appeal to Celtic Woman fans is, in fact evident in things unsaid: the howls and protests which one would normally expect with the departure and replacement of our much-beloved Meav never materialized--not because we did not miss Meav, but because of what we saw in Lynn Hilary.Her voice is so bright and pure that you can't help it but just smile.Whenever she sings, it looks like she's so calm, and not trying to totally sing her heart out. Her voice just does that for her. And her voice has the natural ability to connect with whoever is listening, just like Chloe's. I think that she is, besides Mairead, the best Celtic Woman.Her soft nature is reflected in every line of her music.I hope she stays with celtic women forever.

She's the One

God must be missing an angel child, ´cause she's here on earth to please us!Her voice and command of the stage was astounding. I was shocked to learn she is only 17 years old. Her potential to be great is all there. She also sounds like her life and priorities are all in the right place. She could be a great role model for all young women around the world.She brings such a calm and angelical soul/voice that I just can't stop listening to her songs.she is the most femine and beautiful of singers I have heard. She also has the most beautiful eyes I have seen.I would like to meet her someday.Talent and beauty hath taken a human form to drench us with heavenly music

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celtic women

Celtic Woman is one of the best band anyone can ever come across the band comprises five Irish female artists namely vocalists Choe Agnew, Lynn Hilary, Lisa Kelly, Alex Sharpe and fiddler Mairead Nesbitt. Their style ranges from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs.All their four albums, Celtic Woman, Celtic women:Christmas Celebration, Celtic Woman: A New Journey and Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey leaves us motionless especially this song "The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun"
The foundation of this band outside Ireland and Europe was previously laid by artists
Enya and Clannad along with stage shows Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. To this end, Celtic Woman has been referred to as "Riverdance for the voice."
This is one of a kind and really is away from all stereotypes