Monday, July 6, 2009

Fiddling Beauty

At the budding age of not more than ten this musical mermaid began playing piano and violin 
which is definitely a rare gift from the god's chest "Age is not the reckoning factor for people of high calibre"  this explains every bit of her successful career.Under Emanuel Hurwitz she completed her musical studies.She released her solo album "RAINING UP" in 2001.The album featured a number of guest performers and members of Nesbitt's own family.  
Her Celtic journey began in the year 2004 at the Helix Theater in Dublin.  
Proud to say that she is the only Celtic Violin soloist on the beautiful and inspired score composed by Joel McNeely for the new Disney Pictures movie Tinker Bell - The Lost Treasure.  
Once again she got delighted it doesn't end there Lisa Kelly is the main vocal soloist on the title song of the movie"If You Believe" will you not be gay if your best friend is featured as the main vocalist for a title song in a movie we all will.Her heavenly beauty is reflected in every song she had done before and after entering Celtic women. She's beautifully talented in all faces. Unfortunately gods aren't blessed enough to witness her music but we are Fortunate 
Aren't we.....................